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When you start to realize that the person you've been seeing through rose-colored glasses isn't the person you thought they were... it often feels like it's too late. By that point, you're already invested, attached, and sometimes even trapped in a toxic cycle. Even though you're aware of the harm and destruction, you struggle to walk away, and catch yourself saying, "But when it's good, it's so good!"  Or maybe you've started to realize that you're the one who struggles to provide the connection and intimacy that your partner needs and deserves. But you are living with so much of your own fear and pain around relationships, and since you've never had healthy relational behaviors role modeled, you just feel so confused about how to show up better.

Maybe you so deeply desire to find a healthy and fulfilling relationship, and yet feel like you have no clue how to get there. Dr. Liz is all too familiar with the pain and struggle that comes alone with these experiences. She's been divorced, has a strained relationship with her family of origin, and has been stuck on plenty of toxic relationship rollercoasters. Yes, she's a therapist and a relationship expert, but that doesn't make her exempt from experiencing her very own relationship pain and heartaches. However, through her own ongoing journey of healing and personal growth, she has developed the tools to help others foster healthier relationships with themselves and others.


Dr. Liz is human just like you. She is very aware of her own ongoing struggles in relationships and is the first to admit she does not have it all figured out. She is still learning, evolving, and practicing every single day to show up better for her loved ones. And she is passionate about and committed to helping you do the same.

You might be stuck in the belief that something is wrong with you, and that's why you continue to struggle in relationships. Dr. Liz is here to challenge that narrative and provide you with the reassurance, encouragement, and practical tools needed to break free from toxic cycles... and to cultivate safe, healthy, and fulfilling relationships.

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