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Nick Thompson

Marketing Executive

Mental Health & Wellness Advocate

Love is Blind (Season 2)

Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick

Mental Health Therapist

Multi-unit Private Practice Owner

Psychology Professor

Authentic. Motivated. Purposeful.


Unleash the Power of YOU

to grow your social media community.

Interactive Group Coaching Workshop:


Hosted by: Nick Thompson & Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick


  • Starts on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, @ 5pm PST / 8pm EST 

  • Runs weekly for 5 weeks​

  • Each weekly class is 75 minutes in length (5-6:15pm PST / 8-9:15pm EST)

Program Includes:


  • 5 weekly interactive group classes with Nick & Dr. Liz, who will share their personal experiences and expertise on social media community growth and provide you with the knowledge and skills to grow your own community.

  • Pre-work & post-work activities provided for each class to apply what you are learning!

  • 7 weeks of group texting access with the entire cohort AND Nick & Dr. Liz… to provide you an opportunity to brainstorm, ask questions, get feedback, and practice what you’re learning actively with the group (5 weeks during length of the course & 2 weeks after while you’re getting used to what you’ve learned).

  • Ongoing access to a private AMPed for Growth Facebook group that can only be accessed by AMPed community members (those who have gone through the AMPed course).

  • (2) 15-minute one-on-one coaching calls, one with each Nick & Dr. Liz, to address questions that are specific to YOUR growth.

Investment: Special Launch Pricing: $595 for a limited time (Reduced from $795)



Authenticity leads to Connection… Connection leads to Community… Community leads to Growth. 


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Why Us?

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the AMPed for Growth interactive workshop!

We know that investing in yourself & your personal growth is a big (and often scary!) decision that requires lots of thought and consideration of various factors. One of the biggest factors to consider… what makes someone equipped or qualified to help me to reach my goals?!

Nick and Dr. Liz make an amazing duo as co-facilitators for this program due to their diverse backgrounds, and each offering a very unique set of skills, experience, and expertise for growing sustainable online communities, developing yourself as a personal brand, creating revenue streams and opportunities from your online growth, and doing all of this while helping you stay true to YOU.

Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick is a licensed professional counselor, psychology professor, and the founder and owner of a private practice counseling business that has grown into multiple locations throughout Arizona.

Dr. Liz is also a relationship expert and started to build her online community after recognizing the need for high-quality relationship content that is digestible and relevant to the masses. Since starting this journey, Dr. Fedrick has expanded her online community exponentially and increases her community reach by multiple thousands per month by showing up as her authentic self and sharing relatable content all about relationships.

As the result of her online presence and community growth, Dr. Liz has received various opportunities, such as paid sponsorships, guest spots on a large number of podcasts & local news stations, has received national news coverage via print and television, obtained a paid position as a podcast host, and has recently started her own podcast (Relatable | Relationships Unfiltered), and is in the process of writing her first book.


Dr. Liz possesses the networking, marketing, and content creation & implementation tools and skills needed to not only grow a social media community, but to also create other opportunities and revenue streams that are relevant to her passions. Dr. Liz has worked with many up-and-coming content creators on developing their vision, laying the foundation for their brand, and starting the process of building their online communities, while maintaining authenticity and relatability in the process.

Dr. Liz is incredibly passionate about the work that she does… and is thrilled to have the opportunity to help you bring your passion to life and to share it with the masses!









You may know Nick Thompson from his appearance on season two of Netflix’s hit reality show Love is Blind, but there’s a side of him you may not know: The Storyteller. Nick firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell, and is building a forum for people to share their authentic selves openly and honestly.

Nick’s passionate about entertaining people, solving problems, building emotional connections, health and wellness, self-improvement, and giving back to the community. Nick continues his work as a marketing executive in the software industry while telling stories professionally and personally through his podcast “Conversations with Nick Thompson.” The podcast elevates societal issues such as free speech, free press, mental health, healthy lifestyles, and helping the less fortunate live better lives. Nick is unapologetically himself while continuously learning new information to share with the world.

Nick works to change the world through storytelling by pairing his marketing expertise with unique experiences as a Reality TV personality and mental health and wellness advocate. 


Nick Thompson


Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick

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