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Dr. Fedrick | Relationship & Intimacy Coaching


Coaching Outcomes:

  • Increase awareness regarding relational patterns.

  • Become aware of barriers holding you back from a fulfilling relationship.

  • Improve communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and relational safety & connection. 

  • Learn how to break the “toxic cycle” & change dysfunctional relational behaviors.

  • Address intimacy issues & work towards increasing quality and quantity of intimacy.

  • Learn how to set and hold healthy boundaries more effectively.

Coaching Process:


  • Please fill in the form below to be contacted for a 15-minute virtual consultation in order to introduce myself, share about my coaching approach, and answer any questions before we proceed. 

  • During our call we will discuss steps to move forward with the coaching process, including scheduling our first coaching call. 

  • Please note that Relatable | Relationship & Intimacy Coaching does not include psychotherapy or any other health care service, it is not counseling or a therapeutic service, and it will not include the diagnosing or treatment of any emotional, mental, or psychological problems. Furthermore, coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or mental health care.

​Please fill out the form below to receive more information on rates, availability, and to set up your free 15-minute consultation.


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