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Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick is a Relationship & Intimacy Expert based in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the founder and CEO of a multi-location group private practice, Evolve Counseling & Behavioral Health Services, as well as an author, speaker, and trainer. 

Dr. Liz’s mission is to bring awareness and relatability to the human experience, especially regarding the common barriers and frustrations that so many experience with relationships and intimacy. Dr. Liz strives to help others to not feel so alone in their relationship struggles and to recognize that change is possible… and achievable!

She provides content, workshops, and individual & group trainings geared towards addressing common relationship barriers, breaking free from toxic cycles, improving communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as creating and fostering safety, connection, and all five types of intimacy.

Dr. Liz is the author of Relationship (Re)Programming and she hosts a thriving podcast: Relatable | Relationships Unfiltered. She also presents mental health talks & media interviews (as seen on, Good Day LA, Us Weekly, The List, multiple podcasts), as well as contributes to mental health articles for various media outlets (as seen in, Oprah Daily, Self Magazine, Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, and more). 

Dr. Liz is committed to providing insights, guidance, and support to assist others in working towards a healthier, fulfilling, and more evolved way of connecting with others.

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